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Basement Access Lifts

Giving major access down under

Convert under utilized basement space for use as hobby and antique displays, workshops for motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, lawn care and snow removal equipment, musical equipment, outdoor display, as well as heavy supplies.

Giving small business access to inexpensive space.

Basement space is often heated in winter and cool in summer. It may be ideal for additional office and work space for family and your Ebay activities. Other uses could include storage for product inventories, literature and mailers, supplies and records.

Standard features include:

  • Non-skid stained & varnished deck
  • High quality steel scissors lift
  • 1000 pound capacity
  • 115V AC (20 amps at outlet)
  • Emergency down Valve
  • 24V controls (Low voltage)
  • Two push button controls

Accessories include:

  • Lift travel height to 19.5 feet
  • Automated one touch controls
  • Extra large platforms
  • Additional railings
  • Trap door and door openers
  • Door interlocks
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